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Project Management Tools Comparison: Jira vs. Trello vs. MS Project vs. Basecamp vs. Asana vs. Wrike · Lightweight (Trello): Designed for short, temporary. MS Project: 3 good Alternatives · was brought in with Open Proj is a free MS Project Alternative on the market. The development of the Open Proj was set. Backlog is the Microsoft Project alternative for bug tracking Streamline your bug reporting process and get a complete view of unresolved issues in a glance.

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Oct 31, - Learn about the top 9 Microsoft Project alternatives that work for every budget. We look at freemium, open-source, and Mac apps that can. With MS Project resources can not even enter their % complete on a task. Unlike Microsoft Project where time tracking is missing and happens via emails with the. Microsoft Project is fairly easy to use - and has a strong feature set. It integrates to other members of the Microsoft Office suite - but also to 3rd party.

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Swiftlight Project Management Software is an exceptinoally easy alternative to Microsoft Project. Its simplicity, clear visuals and outstanding ease of use. Kendo Manager is one of the most popular free MS Project Alternative. Kendo is a free downloadable Self hosted project management software for students. When you need a project management platform yesterday, turn to Wrike. With plenty of ways to integrate with other apps and services and very quick setup.