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It's been a busy day at OGUK's Offshore Decommissioning Conference! The day kicked off with a panel session focused on the current state of the UK. PRE-CONFERENCE WORKSHOP: November 14th Decommissioning Strategies. Waste Management. Best Practice and Perspectives. Technology Development. The forum gathers industry officials to capitalize on opportunities in the commercial nuclear plant decommissioning market. You'll be able to connect with.

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The conference, run jointly by Decom North Sea and OGUK, will take place from 25 – 27 November at the Fairmont Hotel, St Andrews. The industry will spend. The International Conference on Decommissioning of Nuclear Installations: Strategies, Practices and Challenges organised by the Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA). Ugolini D, Amato S, Basile F. Interim Storage Facility for LLW of Decommissioning Nuclear Research Facilities. In Conference Proceedings: Proceedings of.

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You'll be able to connect with decommissioning experts, regulatory officials, Reach more than industry professionals over 2 days of the conference. International Conference on Nuclear Decommissioning and Environmental Recovery · INUDECO · April, Slavutych (Ukraine) · Challenges of Nuclear Energy of. ACI's 8th Nuclear Decommissioning and Waste Management Summit will be taking place in London, UK, on 23th – 24th of February