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Whether ordered as a condition of bail or probation, the purpose of a SCRAM bracelet is the same: to ensure the defendant does not consume any alcohol. In many. The SCRAM device is a tamper-resistant bracelet that a DUI offender wears around his/her ankle. The SCRAM bracelet tests the DUI offender's sweat for alcohol at. The SCRAM bracelet is used to monitor DUI offenders long-term and is most often used to monitor repeat DUI offenders such as second time dui and third time dui.

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SCRAM monitors are worn on the ankle and measure transdermal alcohol levels. If you have smelled alcohol on a person after a night of drinking, you already have. Buy Ankle Monitor Bracelet Cover for SCRAM, Alcohol Monitor, House Arrest, Other Offenders - Black Neoprene, Adjustable Hook and Loop Straps on The SCRAM bracelet tests for alcohol which is excreted transdermally (through the skin) and is a non-invasive method for the detection of alcohol consumption.

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SCRAM bracelet monitor offers continuous remote alcohol monitoring with house arrest technology in one court-validated device. SCRAM bracelets are most often used by the court so that DUI/OVI offenders are able to maintain their employment, which helps with rehabilitation. A court may. Scram bracelet is not a GPS device however, Scram X is another product we offer that does both transdermal alcohol testing and home confinement monitoring. Can.