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Proportional Reducer Washer. Growing Type: Breeders, Broilers, Ducks, Turkeys. Solution System: Drinking. Product Family: Water Management System. Plastic Slip Joint Reducer Washer /2" x /4". Adequacy of reducing washers questioned. When removing concentric or eccentric knockouts from a sheet-metal enclosure, it sometimes happens that a larger size.

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Reducer Washer, /4 X 1/2 Inch Size | BK2VMT - Pay in EUR/USD | Delivery across Europe, Middle East, Africa / SE Asia | +44 They do make reducing washers if your original hole is ~/8 it is 1” using 12 awg Romex will take a 1/2” clamp down you can use 2 1' to. Item Name, Reducing Washer, Type, Reducing Washer for Conduit Systems. Nominal Size, /2 x /4 in, Inside Diameter, mm. Outside Diameter, mm.

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OZ-Gedney Reducing Washer, Steel, Finish: Pre-Galvanized Zinc, 3 IN Outside Diameter, IN Inside Diameter, 2 X /2 IN Conduit. Regal reducing washers are made of galvanized stamped steel, seating in a knockout. External and internal trade sizes clearly. Raised flanges allow for positive. Sigma's Reducing Washers are used to reduce the size of a knockout in a steel outlet box or metal enclosure. Two reducing washers are required for each.