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New Business Buy to Let Loans (BTL) - LTV Managed Rates - Cost per €1, ; LTV greater than 60% and less than or equal to 75%, %, % ; Fixed Rates ; 3 Year. For fixed terms between two to five years, it can even be between %. Generally, the longer the fix and the earlier you exit, the higher the ERC will be. For. A buy to let, or buy to rent mortgage is for a landlord who wants to buy a and discounted 2 year and 5 year fixed rate green Buy to Let mortgages.

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Charges ; %. Buy to Let 2 Year Fixed. ; %. Buy to Let 2 Year Fixed (Portfolio Only)^. ; %. Buy to Let 5 Year Fixed. ; %. Buy to Let 2 Year Fixed . Excludes Buy To Let, Consent To Lease, Help To Buy Equity Loan, Shared Equity/Ownership and large loans above £1 million. We also offer a range of 2 and 5 year. You can pay back up to 10% of your outstanding mortgage balance, without early repayment charges, in every year of your fixed rate term. This lets you pay off.

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Lenders usually need the rental income to be 25–30% higher than your mortgage payment. To find out what your rent might be, talk to local letting agents, or. A year fixed-rate mortgage will keep you locked in to the same interest rate on your mortgage for a decade. year fixed-rate mortgages disappeared from the. fixed rate can enhance your client's loan size. Purchase. Free Vals. £0. BTL Core. Core. 2 Year Fixed Core, 85, 10, Purchase.