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Greater flexibility. Enhanced program features. Custom-built mortgages. Portfolio loans offer personalized lending for homebuyers with complex financial needs. Support your lending decision for an investor review, regulatory audit or potential claim. •. Automate the management and mitigation risk. Selling portfolio assets in order to access the liquidity you need may result in tax liabilities. With a Portfolio Loan you could take advantage of the.

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rules are called non-conforming mortgages. Non-conforming portfolio lenders make loans that don't qualify for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac purchases. But you'll quickly want to graduate to portfolio lenders like Lending One and Visio. Short-Term Purchase-Rehab Loans. Looking to flip a house, or buy a rental. A lender that holds a portfolio of their loans in addition to orginiating mortgage loans is called a portfolio lender. Apply for a loan today!

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Today's interest rates are historically, very, very low. If you also look at that same history, portfolio lending rates and fees are also at historical lows. Portfolio lending provides an alternative to selling investments when your clients have a short-term cash flow requirement. By borrowing against the value. Minimize your risk and exposure by hiring us for your pre-lending appraisals. Because portfolio lenders often take on higher-risk loans, it is even more.